In order to meet the growing requirements of the Industry in the new millennium, nisiet has launched a Centre for Logistics And Integrated Materials Systems (C-LAIMS) in addition to the existing Centres further reinforcing and consolidating the services of the Institute. C-LAIMS meshes and functions under the overall objectives of nisiet, to look after the industry needs in the areas of Training, Research, Consultancy and Information Services on Quality, Logistics, SCM & ISO standards.

Objectives of C-LAIMS

The specific objectives of the centre for Logistics And Integrated Materials Systems are

   ·   To Promote-Develop and Train Persons engaged in Commercial and Industrial Undertakings, appraising them on the latest concepts of Logistics and Integrated Materials Systems with ecommerce applications.

   ·   To Promote, encourage, undertake and coordinate the study of problems of SME's and their principal customers, in the areas of Purchasing, Materials Management and Logistics and further to provide appropriate solutions and alternatives. Offer consultancy and counseling to desirous undertakings.

   ·   To propagate and promote the highest standards of business ethics between buyers and sellers in the profession of Purchasing, Materials Management and Logistics.

   ·   To continuously train and impart highest standards of professional knowledge and upgrade personal capabilities and skill of all those involved in Purchasing, Materials Management and Logistics.

   ·   To promote and contribute to enhancing the immediate and ultimate customer satisfaction by developing a sound partnership between buyers and sellers.

   ·   To train & help organisations in consultancy on ISO 9000(2000), 14001, HACCP, CE, CMM level 3,4&5 cetifications along with IRCA & EARA approved Lead Auditor Courses


   ·   C-LAIMS conducts Short/Medium Term Executive Development programmes in Materials and Supply Chain Management and QMS/TQM subjects.

   ·   Conducts Long Term contact courses for PGDTQM, PGDLSCM & PGDBT.

   ·   Undertakes Industrial Consultancy assignments.

   ·   Undertakes need based Inplant Training Programs.

   ·   C-LAIMS conducts Short/Medium Term Executive Development programmes in Materials and Supply Chain Management and QMS, CRM /TQM subjects.

   ·   Conducts Long Term contact courses for PGDTQM, PGDLSCM, PGDLTQM & PGDBT (National & International).

   ·   Undertakes Industrial Consultancy assignments.

   ·   Undertakes need based Inplant Studies.

Training Programmes:

   ·   International Buying

   ·   Logistics & e-commerce for Business Excellence

   ·   Logistics, SCM & Information Technology

   ·   World of Logistics, e-commerce (EDI) & CRM

   ·   SupplyChain - The Integrated Challenges (IT)

   ·   e- Logistics - e-Dias latest director

   ·   Strategic Partnership - Supply Chain Management - Changing Scenario in buyer- seller relationships.

   ·   PG Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management (PGDLSCM) - National & International.


Consultancy Projects Undertaken:

   ·   Inplant Consultancy on SCM for HBL Nife Powers 2000

   ·   Inplant Consultancy on SCM for Mysore Paper Mills in 2000

C-LAIMS (TQM UNIT), nisiet

With the emerging trends of liberalisation and globalisation, the Indian Industry felt its need for improving the quality of its products and services to remain competitive in many cases even to survive. Keeping in view the importance of QMS installation in enterprises through TQM, ISO 9000/14000 nisiet since 1982 undertook various activities in QMS training starting with Quality Circles in 1982. nisiet (TQM Unit ) has been organising various training programmes/ seminars/ workshops along with consultancy and counselling to various manufacturing and service sectors clientele.

Training Programmes:

Executive Development Awareness Programmes National

   ·   Quality Circles

   ·   TQM (Total Quality Management)

   ·   ISO 9000, 14000, QS 9000, HACCP, Codex, CE, Tick IT, SA 9000 & CMM Level 3, 4, & 5 & TQM Assessment Awards Criteria.

   ·   Bench Marking

   ·   Business Process Reengineering. (BPR)

   ·   Just-In-Time (JIT)

   ·   KAIZEN

   ·   KANBAN

   ·   CEDAC & SMED Techniques

   ·   Documentation training for ISO 9000, 14000 Certification.

   ·   Internal Quality Auditor (IQA, UK) Programmes

   ·   ISO 9001 (94 & 2000) Lead Auditor's Course (IRCA, IATCA, NQA, UK & Victoria Group Inc. Virginia, USA) &

   ·   SQC Tools & Techniques in process management

   ·   ISO 14001 (EARA Approved) Environment Assessment Board, Scotland Lead Auditor Courses.

   ·   PG Diploma {Part time (evening) thrice a week on TQM & ISO 9000 & 14000

   ·   International

   ·   PG Diploma in TQM & Logistics & SCM [National Part Time] (PGDLTQM)

   ·   PGDLTQM [International] three months Certificate course

Workshops / Seminars Counselling

   ·   TQM & ISO 9000

   ·   TQM Assessment Awards Criteria: EFQM, CII, Self-Assessment & Malcolm Baldridge Award Criteria their Interface with SIX SIGMA.

   ·   Undertook counseling campaign to Modern Bread Company at Hyderabad on Quality, safety and environment aspects

Activities Organised Seminars / Workshops on:

   ·   One Day Seminar on Projects Day - March 2001

   ·   One Day Seminar on Energy Conservation & Audits - November 2000

   ·   One Day Seminar Quality Improvement in SSI sector - April 2000

   ·   Two Days National Seminar on Modern Trends in Biotechnology & Sustainable Rural Development - July 2001.

Projects wise:

   ·   Undertaken ENERGY Audit for Gurban Group of Industries, Sampre Nutrition's Ltd.,

Enrollment of Research Scholars:

   ·   Since 2000 March enrolled 50 Research Scholars for summer placement Project work.

   ·   Conducting concurrent evaluation studies & Talent Search Tests..