Kalamkari cluster, Pedana

A meeting was held with the office bearers of the Vegetable Hand Block Kalamkari Printers Welfare Association, Pedana to discuss agreements, mobilising contribution, issuing tenders for civil construction and machinery procurement. ni-msme will provide support until the CDE is recruited. The society was advised to collaborate with the Weavers Society regarding machinery specifications and building technicalities, which will be done after visits to Salem and Ahmedabad. The society will deposit Rs. 10 lakh towards first installment, and will upload the list of artisans. Further the IA was advised to recruit a CDE and implement social security schemes.

Sawantwadi and Pendur Coir Clusters

The Coir Board has conducted a meeting of coir clusters on 15th March 2017 at Vengurla to review the implementation of soft and hard interventions in the Sawantwadi and Pendur coir clusters, and discuss about the construction of common facility centre and procurement of machinery.

The representatives of the implementing agencies, SPVs and CDEs attended the meeting. Initially, Mr. Todkar, officer-incharge, Coir Board welcomed all the members and explained about the status of the clusters. The CDEs presented the status of progress of works and action plan for interventions. Guidance was given to CDEs/SPVs/IAs regarding obtaining the approval of the gram panchayat, preparation of estimations for civil works, organising exposure visits and design development workshops.

Later, in the purchase committee meeting organised for both clusters, which Mr. M.K. Gawde Prabhodini, President of the implementing agency of the Pendur coir cluster, and Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud, FM, ni-msme attended, Mr. Goud gave inputs for successful implementation of the project.

Visit to Pembarthy Metalware Cluster

Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud, Faculty Member, ni-msme, along with Mr. L. Vijaya Kumar, consultant and Mr. H.K. Chary, National Advisor, IL&FS; Cluster Development Initiatives Ltd. visited the Pembarthy metalware cluster on 18th March 2017 to review the progress of soft and hard interventions. They organised a review meeting with key stakeholders including SPV members and artisans. The discussions focused on inviting tenders for civil works and procurement of machinery and implementation of soft interventions. Mr. Chary and Mr. Goud gave suggestions for smooth and speedy implementation of the project.

Purchase Committee Meeting of Coir Clusters

The purchase committee meeting of coir clusters was held at Vengurla on 25th March 2017 to discuss and finalise machinery suppliers. After Mr. Goud and Mr. Todkar together reviewed the clusters, the members visited the sites where Common Facility Centre is to be established, along with machinery suppliers. The SPVs were given suggestions on layout of machinery as per the process flow, and basic amenities to be provided for the workers.

Review meeting with TAs

Coir Board has organised a review meeting with technical agencies on 27th March 2017, chaired by Mr. M. Kumara Raja, Secretary, Coir Board, in which TA representatives from ni-msme, EDII, and Foundation for MSME clusters participated to discuss issues concerning implementation of the project. Mr. Ajit Kumar, Director (Marketing and Accounts) and other officials were present in the meeting. The Secretary discussed issues critical to project implementation. Earlier, Mr. Goud apprised the SFURTI officials about recently completed activities in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh clusters.

Coconut Processing Cluster SPV meets Coir Board Secretary

The SPV members of Tirur integrated coconut processing cluster discussed with the Secretary (Coir Board) regarding convergence initiatives. The Secretary gave useful suggestions on achieving convergence.

Training in Soft and Hard Interventions

The one week training programme conducted during 22-26 May 2017, attracted a total of 12 participants from Bhatinda Honey Processing Cluster; Tirur Coconut Processing Cluster; Kondapally Wooden Toys Cluster; Pedana Kalamkari Cluster; and representatives of Grant Thornton, Noida; Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation, Hyderabad; and Vinoba Sewa Ashram, Pilibhit Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud, programme director, outlined the programme objectives and inputs to be given during the programme.

Mr. Vivek Kumar AFM, SED; Mr. L. Vijay Kumar and Mr. G. Rajkumar of ni-msme were also present on the occasion. The main topics of the programme included cluster concepts and methodology, role and responsibilities of CDE,diagnostic study and DPR, management of CFC, role of IA,TA, CDE and SPV, cluster governance, scope for e-marketing, export procedure, BDS deployment etc. Apart from classroom inputs, the participants were also facilitated with visit to Pochampally Handloom Park to give practical exposure of concepts. Experts were invited to address the sessions and share experiences. Mr. Bhoomaiah, State Director, KVIC, Andhra Pradesh; Mr. H.K. Chary of IL & FS Clusters Ltd.; Mr. A.S.K. Sharma of the Foundation for MSME Clusters; Mr. Koteswar Rao of Global EXIM Institute were the experts.

The participants also shared their cluster experiences with one another. During the valedictory Mr. M. Chandrasekhar Reddy, Director General interacted with the participants and shared his cluster development experiences with them.

PSC Meeting

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) of the Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC) was held on 11th May 2017 in Mumbai. Mr. Surya Prakash Goud, Faculty Member, ni-msme attended on behalf of ni-msme and presented the DSR of Jonnada Food Processing Cluster along with Mr. Raja Babu, President, M/s Society for Rural Self-Development and Rehabilitation, the proposed implementing agency, Kadiyam Mandal, Andhra Pradesh.

The committee members enquired about the SPV contribution, land availability, scope for product diversification and marketing strategy. They suggested including different food products to increase the product range so that the artisans will have economic activity throughout the year.

MothkurIkat Handloom Cluster

Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud, Faculty of ni-msme, visited the MothkurIkat Handloom Cluster on 28th May 2017 along with Mrs. Sharmista Mahapatra and Mr. H.K. Chary of IL & FS Clusters Ltd. and visited and interacted with the weavers and other members who are participating in the skill development programme. They interacted with the trainees and Mr. Ch. Parameswar, CDE about the programme inputs, profile of the faculty, etc.

Mrs. Sharmista advised the implementing agency to focus on demand driven product designs and help the artisans to improve their skills in dyeing and weaving to achieve better quality and productivity improvement. They also discussed with SPV members regarding the progress of hard interventions.

Secretary visits Kalamkari Cluster

Dr. K.K. Jalan, IAS, Secretary (MSME) to Government of India, visited the Srikalahasti Kalamkari crafts Cluster on 4th June 2017. Mr. M. Chandrasekhar Reddy, Director General, ni-msme; Mr. K. Rajendra, Executive Director, Ministry of MSME; Industrial Promotional Officers Mr. K. Nagarjuna and Mr. K. Hari Krishna joined him in the visit.

At the CFC located in Pallamala village the Secretary took stock of the civil works progress and interacted with the artisans. He advised Mrs. G. Munilakshmi, president of the implementing agency apprised him that the construction of CFC will be completed by the 2nd week of August and about 100 artisans of Pallamala and nearby villages will be benefited. Further she explained about the soft interventions viz., SHG training, ToT, training in MS-Office and e-marketing, and exposure visit.

Later, the Secretary visited the kalamkari unit at Srikalahasti. Mrs. Muni lakshmi explained to him in detail about the process of Kalamkari art and preparation of colours. The Secretary enquired about raw materials. Mr. G. Dasaradha Chari, advisor, IA apprised him of the usage of raw materials - gadda cloth, silk, cotta silk, chenderi, jargit and mallu cloth. Regarding marketing avenues for cluster products, Mr. Chari reported that the artisans participate in exhibitions, craft bazaars and melas, and supply to reputed boutiques, and state and central government handicrafts corporations. The artisans expressed happiness with the Secretary’s visit and stated that the visit has inspired and motivated them to improve their business skills. Later, they felicitated the Secretary.

NBCFDC into Cluster Financing

The National Backward Classes Finance & Development Corporation (NBCFDC), with the assistance of the Ministry of Textiles, is implementing Cluster Development Programme in handloom and handicraft clusters in various states. NBCFDC has entrusted ni-msme preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) for five clusters in the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud, Faculty Member, FM (SED) attended the meeting at NBCFDC on 16th June 2017 to discuss the modalities of DPR preparation. Mr. A.K. Punia, General Manager (Projects); Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, Officer (Projects); Ms. Shefali, consultant were present at the meeting. Later, Mr. K. Narayan, MD issued the formal work order for DPR preparation for five clusters. The main objective of NBCFDC is to provide financial assistance to the needy and practising entrepreneurs of the clusters through their channelising agencies.

Harihara Khadi Cluster

Mr. Vijay Kumar, Consultant, NRCD of ni-msme participated in the working committee meeting of Harihara Khadi cluster on 17th July 2017 at Davangere.

Mr. K. Chandra Balu, Asst. Director, KVIC; Mr. K. Basappa, President; and Mr. M.S. Ramesh, Secretary of Harihara Charaka Mattu Gramodyoga Sahakara Sanga Ltd.; spinners Mrs. P. Indramma, Mrs. A.R. Puttamma and Mrs. Proyanka, CDE were present in the meeting. They discussed the impact of various soft interventions, designs created by Sri Sai Creations and progress of construction activities. The members appreciated the efforts of implementing agency in selling Khadi products worth Rs. 28 lakh in the national exhibition conducted by KVIB, Bengaluru. The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Secretary Mr. Ramesh.

Sawantwadi and Pendur Coir Clusters

Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud, Faculty Member, SED of ni-msme visited the Sawantwadi and Pendur coir clusters during 17-18 July 2017 to participate in various activities. On the 17th, Mr. Goud participated in the inaugural function of the training programme on MS Office & Internet Applications organised for the SPV members, artisans and the CDE of Pendur cluster, where he emphasised the need for IT skills and cashless transactions. Later, Mr. P. Todkar, Sub-Regional Officer, Coir Board, Oros, Mr. K. Surya Prakashm Goud, implementing agencies, SPV members and CDEs discussed the decisions taken in the earlier purchase committee meeting, and physical and financial progress of the project. On the 18th, Mr. Goud along with Mr. Todkar participated in the bhoomi puja of CFC building at Kararewadi. The implementing agency, CDE and artisans were present on the occasion. Later, Mr. Goud interacted with the participants of the training programme in Quality and Productivity Improvement organised for the benefit of the artisans. He explained 5S management tools with the help of simple examples.

Cluster Initiatives in Jharkhand

The Govt. of Jharkhand has engaged ni-msme services for implementing cluster development programme. ni-msme will support cluster stakeholders in capacity building and facilitate the establishment of common facility centres. In this regard, Mr. K. Surya Prakash Goud of ni-msme visited Ranchi to meet Mr. K. Ravi Kumar, IAS, Director of Industries, Govt. of Jharkhand and the officials of Jharkhand Infrastructure Development Corporation (JIDCO) during 3-4 July 2017, along with Mr. B.L.N. Das, General Manager (Clusters), and Mr. D.P. Vidhyarthi, General Manager (Infrastructure), JIDCO to discuss arranging exposure visits for SPV members, conducting training in management of CFCs, and providing mentoring services during the implementation of various interventions. JIDCO had organised a workshop on 4th July inviting the officials from select DICs, and SPVs of proposed clusters. Mr. Goud interacted with cluster stakeholders regarding their infrastructural requirements in CFCs, mobilisation of funds, specifications of machinery, business operations, etc.

Mysuru Wooden Inlay Cluster

Mr. L. Vijay Kumar visited the NBCFDC office at Bengaluru on the 11th July and discussed with Mr. Ekanatappa, Managing Director regarding transportation of raw material, marketing skills, lack of information on latest machinery and markets, and need for conducting skill development programmes. Mr. Ekanatappa highlighted their schemes for women artisans and children, and SHGs. Further he stated that they provide term loans, service and other loans at less than 2% annual interest which is transferred directly to their account through DBT facility.

Palakkad Pottery & Papiere Mache Products Cluster

Mr. G. Raj Kumar visited Palakkad and Trissur for interaction with the officials of Kerala State Backward Classes Development Corporation, Development Commissioner for Handicrafts, IRTC, KVIB and industries department during 11-17 July 2017.He also visited artisan villages to collect the cluster information. Some of the important officials met included Mrs. Latha, Manager, KSBCDC, Palakkad; Mr. Jacob D'Souza, Assistant Director, HM & SE Centre, Thrissur; Mr. Bala krishna, IEO, Chittoor; Mr. Shiva Das, Officer, Khadi & V.I. Board, Palakkad; and Dr. N.K. Shasidaran Pillai, Director, Integrated Rural Technology Centre, Mundur. The artisans were practising aged methods and using the traditional pottery wheel, sometimes even with hands without the wheel. The artisans expressed their problems with respect to procurement of raw materials, usage of outdated technology, lack of infrastructure and marketing, in Large Group Discussions (LGD) and Small Group Discussions (SGD) in which the officials, master craftsmen and artisans had participated. They requested support through installation of machinery for improved quality and productivity, deputing a professional designer to make demand driven products, and conducting skill development programmes.

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